SMS to Email


SMS to Email works like a personalised website landing page. We send an SMS containing a web link, which will show your personalised newsletter when the contact click that link.

You can create an Autoresponder, with personalisation included, and send a link to the email to your contacts via SMS. This then works like a personalised website landing page when your contact clicks the link on their smartphone (or enters the link into their web browser). Our SMS reports include link tracking on all links inside of SMS messages.

Step 1: Create Autoresponder

First, create an autoresponder as follows:

Click Campaigns > Autoresponders and then click Create Autoresponder.

The first three steps are the same as creating a normal email message. The process for an autoresponder is different in step four of message composition.

Once you've reached this step, click Confirm instead of Send. Your message will be saved and you'll be directed to a preparation screen. On this screen you can choose to go to the autoresponders listing page, or to set up a trigger for the autoresponder you've created.


Step 2: Create SMS

Click SMS > Create SMS to start making your SMS. Enter a message subject and the text you want to include in the SMS.

Click Links under the personalisation menu on the left side, and then click Insert next to "Link to Autoresponder". Select the autoresponder you want to send from the list, and click Insert.

Screenshot of Autoresponder link insertion.

Autoresponder links are automatically shortened when the message is sent.


Our standard SMS reports include link tracking on all links inside SMSes, including autoresponder links.

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