SMS Reports


Detailed SMS reports provide statistics on SMS delivery status, contact activity and bounces.

To view SMS reports, click SMS>History, then click on the message you want reports for. A preview will open on the right side of the screen with basic properties and delivery stats. Click Detailed Report for the full report suite.


The system tracks all replies from SMS campaigns, including opt-out (‘STOP’) responses. Contacts responding to SMSes sent from the system will have those replies logged in contact activity for SMSes. You can access them and view all comments or complaints by clicking the Detailed Report button and then selecting Message summary on the right.

Quick Links

Use the quick links to access detailed reporting and re-create a message by clicking on the respective icon. An updated status bar now shows the status of all messages, as well as the staggered rate of sending messages. Re-creating works the same way as forwarding. The latest option allows you to Share Reports, previously reserved for email only. You can now also filter according to a list using the Search bar.

SMS Listing - New

Share Report

Much like the Share Email Report function, you can now share the reports of your SMSes to a specified email. You can also copy the generated links to share the report with or without the data exported.

Overview Report



The SMS Overview report shows you basic statistics of how your SMS performed.

The screen shows four different report cards.

The first card shows Contacts Who Clicked, Replies, Contacts Who Downloaded an attachment and Unsubscribes your SMS received. This number is shown both as a percentage of the total number of SMSes sent, and as a whole number.

The second card shows a graph for the sent messages.

The third card shows four bars, one for the number of SMSes Sent, Delivered, Bounced and Unknown respectively, also in percentages.

The fourth card shows a graph representing the third card for Delivered, Bounced, and Unknown.

Recipients Report

In the Recipients report you can view in-depth statistics for deliveries, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces and a send log. You can export this information by clicking the Export button.

Search for specific contacts by email or scroll through the paginated table.

Click the tabs above the graph to view specific details for each metric:

DeliveriesView the email addresses of contacts that received your SMS. Deliveries are tracked by delivery reports and the date when the SMS was received.
BouncesView the contacts whose SMS numbers bounced.
UnsubscribesView the contacts that replied to the SMS with ‘STOP’ and the date they were unsubscribed from the list. The graph reflects total unsubscribes. Contacts responding with ‘STOP’ are automatically updated to 'Unsubscribed'.

Tracked Attachments

In the Tracked Attachments report you can view the total number of downloads, contacts who downloaded, repeat downloads, and the download-to-delivered rate.

The list below the graph displays the attachment, and each individual contact who downloaded it.

Replies Report

The SMS Replies report shows you how many contacts replied to your SMS, and whether those replies were unsubscribes.

The reports shows a graph of how many subscribers replied or unsubscribed. You can filter by reply/unsubscribe by clicking on the buttons above the graph.

The list below the graph gives you details of each subscriber who replied/unsubscribed.

Properties Report

The Properties report shows the settings used for the SMS.

Screenshot of Properties Report

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