Release Notes 2017.11.1

This version of the release contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Improved Spam Score modal:
    • Results report in real time.
    • Spam Rating is based on deliverability.
      • Green means the spam rating is good. (No spam)
      • Yellow means the spam rating is high. (Possible spam)
      • Red means the spam rating failed. (Seen as spam)
  • Improved Inbox Testing:
    • A preview modal appears with thumbnails for each type of email client.
    • The results appear in real time.
    • The modal will automatically focus on the first completed thumbnail test.
  • Updated look of email preview modal.
  • During import, users will be prompted to specify which field is for mobile numbers.
  • Improved landing page stats.
  • Added 'IS NOT EMPTY' option to text custom fields filters

Bugs Zapped

  • Users API for SMTP Facade.
  • Changed the Users API functionality to include password.
  • Removed unnecessary data from personalisation variables.
  • Fixed issue with interface freezing when geo-location is selected on filters.
  • Fixed SMTP facade log issues.
  • Fixed copy issue when sending staggered SMSes.
  • Fixed issue with creating duplicate contacts with unique ID when using API v2.
  • Fixed issue with subject line duplicating when pasting from website or document.
  • Fixed rights issue for users with no access to export data.
  • Fixed issue with subscription form markup breaking.
  • Fixed issue with right clicking in Classic composition.
    • Scroll bar no longer moves out of the editor.
  • Fixed layout issue on log-in page when requesting the 'Forgot password' link.
  • Fixed issue with subscription form heading text.
  • Removed the 'Save' button from email composition properties page and changed to 'Next'.
  • Fixed issue with 'Update My Profile' form.
  • Fixed issue with emoji scroll bar.
  • Fixed stats on A/B Split test campaign overview report.
  • Fixed wording issue with A/B Split test winner determination.
  • Fixed count issue during Import when 'Import first row' is not selected.
  • Fixed password error message.
  • Fixed copy issue on profile settings page.
  • Fixed password password reset error on profile settings page.
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