Release Notes 2017.10.1

This version of the release contains the following updates:

Product Update

  • Landing page link now displays in confirmation page for subscription forms.
  • New styling for A/B Split Test detailed reports.
    • New campaign overview
  • New 'Quick Email' feature has been added on product and for APIs:
    • Sends to only one contact.
    • Personalisation, unsubscribes etc also operational.
    • Can also use triggers to send.
    • Available for sent messages only.
    • New 'Resend Email' icon added to email history page.
  • Social posting footers now work correctly when a message contains an emoji.
  • Added pagination to subscription forms.

Bugs Zapped

  • Drip Campaign once-off start date now works correctly.
  • A/B Split Test campaign links now redirecting correctly.
  • There is no longer a winning message for a list split 50/50.
  • Messages no longer send to contacts who did not successfully import.
  • Fixed paging on SMS detailed reports page.
  • Search bar fixed on SMS detailed reports page.
  • Spacing issue fixed on SMS share modal on detailed reports page.
  • A/B Split Test subject lines no longer duplicating when dragging/sliding list split slider.
  • A/B Split Test, 'Test Comparison' thumbnails now generate correctly.
  • Fixed A/B Split Test comparison report page.
  • Fixed button colour issue on email history share report modal.
  • Fixed issue with personalisation icons on drip campaigns.
  • Campaign links on dashboard now redirect correctly.
  • Fixed styling issues on hosted subscription forms.
  • Fixed 'Classic' email composition styling issue when adding a dynamic attachment.
  • Alert modal fixed when using dynamic attachments.
  • Fixed issue with deleting/reattaching dynamic attachments.
  • Fixed 'Reply-to' display issue on drip campaign confirmation page.
  • Fixed subscription form redirects to landing pages.
  • Fixed incorrect icon on email tracked attachments report page.
  • Fixed display issue on subscription form builder.
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