Users and Access


All customers are created with administrator and basic-level users, these user accounts have varying degrees of access rights and permissions.

To view your user accounts, click My Account > Users & Access Rights.

Editing Users

Follow these steps if you need to edit permissions or user details:

  1. Select the user whose details or permissions you need to edit by checking the checkbox and then clicking Edit.
  2. Make the changes to your user or click either the Settings or Access rights tabs to set permissions.
  3. Click Save.

Screenshot of access rights tab

Administrator Access

Administrator-level users can create new users and assign access rights to those users. This is ideal when giving specific users limited access to areas within the system, such as Contacts or Messages and limiting their permissions when working in these areas. Administrators can:

  • Add and edit new users, and control the areas of access by setting permissions.
  • Reset or change passwords for users assigned to the account.
  • Generate API keys.

You can use the Properties tab  to update basic user properties, change passwords, or generate an API key.

The Settings tab allows admin users to set the language used in the system by clicking on the drop-down box and choosing from the supported languages.

You can choose to receive bounce messages by checking the checkbox for Manual bounce processing. Bounces can be sent to the user's email address, or to the ‘From’ email address contained in the message.

The Access rights tab allows you to assign access rights to other users. Enable or disable permissions for specific areas within the system by checking the checkbox.

Click Save to store your changes.

When you're done, log in using the user's credentials to test that the permissions have taken effect.
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