Customer Profile


You can manage customer accounts using the customer profile access available to Administrator-level users.

Click My Account > Customer profile. You can assign branding, adjust customer properties and enable settings for the 'Update My Profile' feature.

Existing customers are displayed on the left. Check the corresponding checkbox for the customer, and use the action buttons along the top right to edit an existing customer, or create a new one.

Editing an Existing Customer

Five tabs are available for editing: Properties, Branding, Quotas, Settings, Security, and Contacts.

Screenshot of new customer creation screen


You can change basic customer properties, such as the physical address or the customer name. Changing the customer name will change the information shown in the 'From' field in the footer.

You can also set the industry your customer's business operates in.


Public branding is the branding subscribers will see on the 'Update My Profile', 'Unsubscribe', and 'Report as Spam' pages. These are pages that your contacts will see when they click on a redirect link in the footer of your email.

You can set the appearance of your custom pages in the branding section.

In the Basic section you can use the drop-down menu to choose the language and time zone that the customer will see.


This is where you can set email and SMS quotas as well as create links to your billing system.


You can edit footer settings, as well as customise your attachment settings (such as setting a size limit on attachments).


In the Security section you can request IP locking or enable notifications on failed log in attempts.

The IP locking feature offers increased security. If your company operates on a dedicated domain or uses multiple IPs, you can add these IPs and lock them to your account, preventing anyone from external domains from accessing your email system.

Whenever there is a failed log in attempt, the system will send notifications to the email address entered in the customer properties.


You can enable the settings for the ‘Update my profile’ feature. This allow contacts to view all public lists and subscribe or unsubscribe from these lists when updating their profiles. You can also make additional fields available on the Update profile interface over and above the basic fields. Check the corresponding checkbox to enable/disable these options.

Remember to click Save once you have finished making any changes.


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