Add a Domain


You can set up the sending domain and use the settings generated in the My Profile section to enhance email delivery.

To access Domains, click My Account > Domains.

Follow these steps to add your sending domain:

  1. Click Add Domain.
  2. Enter your domain name in the field provided. This domain should be the domain that your email communications are sent from (e.g. or
  3. Enter the email address that will be used as the 'From' address when creating and sending emails from the system.
  4. Click Add Domain to save the domain.

A verification email will be send to the email address you entered. You can repeat these steps if you have more than one domain or sending email address in use.


Existing domains are shown in a table on the left. You can click the domain name to see a preview of that domain on the right. The Preview panel displays the domain verification status, Google Analytics, and Custom analytics.

Domain Status

Shows whether or not the domain is verified, and if analytics have been set. Red crosses indicate that the domain is unverified and analytics is off; green checks indicate that it's enabled.


Confirm that the email domain is valid. You have the option of sending a verification email. When you receive the email, click on the link provided to confirm the verification. You can also update the email linked to the verified domain

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be enabled on your account to track traffic from your message to your website. Click the slider to turn on Google Analytics. Each link will be tagged with four standard variables:

  • Source: This states where the link comes from. (utm_source)
  • Medium: This lists the type of medium was used to send the message with the links. (utm_medium)
  • Campaign: This displays the name of the campaign or message subject. (utm_campaign)
  • Term: This displays the id attribute or href attribute of the sent message. (utm_term)

When a message is sent, Google Analytics tags can be attached to the links in the message to track the source of traffic to your website. Google Analytics must be enabled on your website for this to work correctly.

Custom Tracking

Click the slider to enable Custom Tracking. You can then add your own tracking tag code.




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