Account Logs


Message logs show the number of messages you've sent over a period of time - think of it as an archive of messages and message information.

To access them, click your user name at the top right of the page, and then click Account logs.


You can filter by date using the Start and End fields to find messages sent between those two dates.

Click the toggle next to the customer name to access the list of sent messages. Messages are displayed by subject, with the number of email or SMS messages sent for that campaign.

Preview Panel

Click the message subject to preview message information - this is displayed in the panel on the right. The message subject is shown in bold with the message overview details just below it.

The following information is available:

Send AmountThe number of messages that were successfully sent and have left the server.
Failed Amount The number of messages that were unsuccessful and weren't sent.
Send DateThe date the message was sent.
Sent ByThis field is populated by the user's log in details.
ListsThe lists the message was sent to.


Enterprise Message Logs

In addition to an overview of the message information, Enterprise clients have access to message logs. Logs show the transactions on the account for packages and top-up requests that were processed. This information is available on the Enterprise administrator view and not when you're logged in as a specific customer.


Filter by date using the Start and End fields provided. You can filter on messages sent between the start and end dates.

Total Messages Sent

The total messages sent for emails and SMSes are displayed in the corresponding columns. Click the toggle next to the Enterprise name to access the listing of Customers and the messages they’ve sent. Customers are displayed by name, with the number of Email or SMSes sent by that customer.

Preview Panel

When you click on the customer name, that customer's overview will be displayed in the panel on the right.

Message Information

This area shows the number of messages sent between the dates you have set in your filter. Click the relevant logs tab to view the transactions by those customers.

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