Custom Fields


Custom fields hold subscriber info specific to your organisation. You can use them in subscription forms, imports, filters, and personalisation.

Click Contact Admin > Custom Fields to navigate to the custom fields listing.


Creating a Custom Field

In the top right is the row of action buttons, click New to create a new custom field.


Fill out the following properties for your custom field:

  • Field Type: Set the field type by choosing the correct type from the dropdown (text, decimal number, etc).
  • Field Name: Make sure you use a name that is easy to identify.
  • Custom Field Visibility: Choose between public or private. If the field's visibility is set to 'Public', a contact can modify the field when updating their profile.

Click Save to finish creating your field.

For more information on setting up custom fields with multiple values, read our Multi-Value Custom Fields guide.

Applying a Custom Field

Once you have created your custom field, you can apply it in various places:

Subscription Forms

You can include your custom field in the second step of subscription form creation. Scroll down through the fields on the left side of the screen until you find your custom field, then drag-and-drop it into the form. Now, when a new contact subscribes, they will be asked to complete this field in the form.



Did you know that you can use custom forms with Google Forms? Read our Integration with Google Forms guide.


If you are importing a list of contacts into the system, you can include custom field data in the import. Make sure you've created the custom field in the system before you start the import, and make sure the source data is correctly formatted, with the custom field data in it's own column.

When you do the import, the system will automatically pick up the custom field and ask you to assign it to the column.



Filters allow you to send targeted communications to segments of your lists. Once you have created a custom field, you can use it to create filters so that you only send emails to subscribers who fulfill specific criteria.


To learn more about creating filters, read our Filters page.


You can also use your custom fields in personalisation tags. Personalisation gives your email newsletters a personal touch by using unique information associated with the recipient. A standard personalisation is by contact name, such as "Dear John" (as opposed to "Dear Sir/Madam") when addressing your contact.

Custom fields cater for contact properties such as account numbers, product codes and ID or membership numbers. By accurately labeling your data you can use these fields for highly personalised emails and SMSes.



Learn more about personalisation.
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