How do I create an email from a PDF file?

You can compose an email with an introductory paragraph and advise subscribers to download the PDF file for more information.

You can insert PDF documents as attachments in the Editing panel. Click the Attachments tab to upload your PDF. If you can't upload attachments, contact support and request that access to attachments be enabled for your account. Attachment size is limited to 3MB, but we recommend keeping it under 1MB as the larger the size of the email the more chance there is of it being rejected by receiving servers.

If you'd like the PDF inserted as the body of your email, you'll need to convert the PDF into an HTML file, with a balance of text and images. If you're unsure how to do this, we recommend that you ask a graphic designer for assistance. Once you have the HTML, you can then add it to the message source code using the Source icon in the editing panel. This switches the view and your email's source code will display. Once you've pasted the HTML code, switch back to normal view by clicking the Source icon again.

We don't recommend that the PDF be converted to a flat image, as emails composed entirely of images have low delivery rates and can sometimes be mistaken for spam. Email best practice dictates that the PDF either be sent as an attachment or be converted into a balance of text and images.

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