Can I change the colour of linked text?

Yes. When composing an email message, you can insert links to external webpages or mail-to email addresses. When adding a link you'll need to highlight the text with your cursor and use the Link icon on the editor to add a URL, Anchor or E-mail link. These links can be edited to show up in a different colour or to remove the underline effect which indicates that the text is hyperlinked.

Follow these steps to edit the link:

  1. Highlight the linked text.
  2. Double-click the text to open the link editor.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Insert the following into the Style text box (bottom right-hand corner): colour:#ff6600; text-decoration:none;

In the example above, the HTML colour code is: #ff6600. This can be replaced with any colour codes in the same format. You can view a colour chart online and use the codes provided. Try HTML Colour Codes The text-decoration:none code tells the system not to underline the link.

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