What’s a contact’s status?

When contacts are imported to a list, they’re registered in the system as active ('On'). When messages are sent to the list, the system automatically updates the state of each contact to determine whether the contact should remain active or be updated to inactive ('Off'). You can view a contact's status in Contacts > Manage. The contact checkbox is colour coded and the Contact status legend provides an explanation of each status when you click on it.

Status Legend

OnContact is set to receive mail sent to all lists they're subscribed to.
Off/SuppressedContact has complained and will not receive mail sent to any lists they belong to.
Awaiting confirmationThe contact has been sent a confirmation mail but has not clicked the confirmation link.
SubscribedThe contact is subscribed and will receive mails sent to that list.
UnsubscribedThe contact has unsubscribed from that list and will not receive emails sent to that list.
BouncedMails sent to this contact have exceeded the bounce limit. Contacts that are bounced won't be sent any mails on that list.


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