How do I personalise my emails?

You can personalise your messages according to any information imported into Everlytic. A common personalisation is by contact name, such as "Dear John".

In order for personalisation to work the contact needs to have been imported with that field. If the personalisation tag is inserted correctly, but the contact field you’re personalising on is not populated, it won’t pull through successfully. So, for example, it isn't possible to send an email to your contacts using first name personalisation if your contacts were imported without the first name as a field.

Personalisation Options

Personalisation or email merges can be added in Step 2 of email composition. The Personalisation options are available on the WYSIWYG toolbar. Add a personalisation tag by clicking your cursor in the area of the editing panel where you'd like to add the personalisation.

  1. Click in the email where you want to insert the personalisation field.
  2. Click the Personalisation button to open the modal.
  3. Expand the personalisation options by clicking a field name.
  4. Click Insert to add the personalisation tag to your message.


Additional Fields

You can update contacts with additional fields to use in personalisation. To do this, export your contact list to a CSV file, edit the file to add the new field, and then re-import the contact list into the system.

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