Can I send birthday messages?


You can use filters to send birthday emails by creating a filter to send an email to contacts based on their birth date.

To create a single occurring birthday message, follow the steps below. If you're looking to create a recurring birthday message, use the One Time Event option in drip campaign.


When importing contacts into a list, you'll need to ensure their date of birth is captured as a contact property otherwise the birthday filter won't work.

Import Birth Dates

Add a column for date of birth to the list you’re importing. This column can be formatted as text or as a date in Excel. Everlytic will automatically import it in the correct year, month and date format (yyyy/mm/dd). When importing your data, you'll need to assign the date of birth field to the column that contains this data.

Create a Birthday Filter

Follow these steps to create your birthday filter:

  1. Click Contact Settings > Filters to access the filters section.
  2. Click Create Filter on the filter listing.
  3. Enter a name and description for your filter in the Properties tab.
  4. Select the Additional Contact Fields tab.
  5. Check the Birthday checkbox and choose is today as the qualifier.
  6. Click Save in the bottom right.

Test Your Filter

Once you have set up your filter, you should test it before you apply it. Follow these steps to test your filter:

  1. Click Test.
  2. Open the Results tab.
  3. Select the list you'll be sending the birthday email to.
  4. Click Apply filter.

These results show the number of contacts on the selected list who have a birthday based on your filter criteria and who the system will send the birthday message to.

Create Message & Apply Filter

The next step is to create the birthday email or message you'd like contacts to receive, and apply the filter to that message. You can apply the filter in the List Options step of email creation.

  1. Click Apply Filter
  2. Select the list you want to send the birthday email to.
  3. Click Next.

Schedule the Birthday Message

Set up scheduling on the email for the system to automatically send out the birthday message on a daily basis. To schedule the message in Delivery Options for email, check the checkbox next to Schedule this message and click the drop-down menu to set the recurrence to 'Daily'.
Please Note: Recurring scheduling is not available for SMS messages.

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