Email Geo Report


The Geo report shows where your readers are accessing your email, nationally and internationally.

You can access detailed reports for your message by clicking Email > History.

  1. Click the campaign name of your message.
  2. Click the Detailed button in the Preview panel.
  3. Click Geo to access detailed reporting.


The Geo report is divided into two sections: opens and clicks. You can switch between these by clicking the appropriate tab above the map. You can also switch between the Map and Satellite view by clicking the appropriate button in the top-right corner of the map.


The Opens screen shows world map with the number of opens per country. You can click on the numbers to get a closer look at where your recipients are reading your email.

On the right side of the map is a block which lists the top five countries where your email was viewed the most. This block also shows the total number of countries and cities where your email was opened, as well as the time and day when your email was opened the most.

Below the map is a table which gives the following information about your email:

  • The names and email addresses of recipients who opened the email.
  • The country each recipient was in when they opened the email.
  • The number of times they opened the email.
  • The most recent date on which they opened the email.

You can search for a specific recipient in this table using the search box. You can also export the table by clicking Export.

Screenshot of geo report


The Geo report provides the same information for clicks as it does for opens. You can view clicks by country on the map, top countries, total countries and cities, as well as best time and day are available. The table below the map gives the same breakdown of information for clicks as it does for opens.

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