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If you've chosen the Classic, Coder, or Builder composition options, you'll go to the template selection screen. In this step, you create the overall design of your mail by choosing a template and customising the colours to suit your brand.




Templates and template categories are shown on the left. Templates have predefined style sheets and formats. They're designed to be used as-is. It's best to choose one that's most suited to the layout of your content and that requires no changes to the layout. View the templates within each category by clicking the category. Choose a template by clicking the template thumbnail. A preview of the template will display in the middle panel (the Preview panel). If you have a specific layout in mind for your content, you can use the blank template and customise it.

Previous Message Templates

You can now use a previously sent message as a template for your new email. Click Previous Messages category from the list of Favourites. The last 60 messages sent will appear as templates in the preview pane. Hovering over the message will display the Message Subject, the date the message was created, and the composition method used.

Click next when you are happy. If the previous message was built using a different composition method to the one you selected, a modal will appear asking to switch to the previously used composition method.


You can change the colour scheme by choosing colours for the page and content backgrounds as well as the text.

  1. Click the sample selector boxes to bring up the detailed colour palettes.
  2. Click the glider to move it up or down along the colour spectrum strip and choose a shade by clicking the circular marker and moving it across the palette until you find the desired shade.
  3. Once you've chosen your ideal colour, you can click away from the palette. Selected colour palettes and schemes will reflect in the Preview panel.



  1. Click a palette category to display the palettes available.
  2. Choose the palette you like most by clicking it.
  3. The palette will be applied to the preview shown in the middle panel.


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