Step 5: Confirm & Send

The confirmation page shows a preview of the message, with the options you've selected as well as the number of contacts the message will be sent to. You can view all message details and send the message from the confirmation step.

You can also view a preview, view the SPAM score, and check the compatibility one last time. A warning message will appear in the preview window if your message size is above 350KB.



For more information on how to reduce the size of your mailer, read the Message Size Notification post.

If you need to return to previous steps of composition to edit your message and its properties, click the Back button.

When you click Send, the system will start sending your message.

If you've scheduled messages, the system will prepare them and only send them at the scheduled date and time. To locate scheduled messages that haven't been sent out, click Messages > Scheduled.

Click Await approval if the message requires approval. Once the message is approved, it will automatically start sending. If the approval is rejected, you can edit the message from the Saved messages area.


Setting Up Triggers

Triggers are actions automatically performed by the system in response to specific actions by the contacts who receive the email. Triggers are commonly used when you have an RSVP link in your email and you can create a trigger to automatically send everyone who clicks that link a confirmation mail (this is referred to as an autoresponder).Take a look at our article on Triggers for more information.

Pause Email Sending

Once you've clicked Send your message will immediately start sending. If you need to pause the message or cancel it altogether, you can do so in the reports section. However, some emails will already have been sent before you pause or cancel.

  1. Click Reports > Emailthe message will be shown in the table in the top line.
  2. Click the message's subject to view a preview on the right.
  3. Then click Pause.
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