Step 4: Delivery Options

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In this step, you can set delivery options for your email.



You can customise the following options:

  • Sending Options: Set the address for notifications, choose whether or not to use inline CSS and embedded images, and set the default language of the email.
  • Tracking: When tracking is enabled, opens and link clicks on a message are tracked and available in Reports > Email. You can check the corresponding checkboxes to enable or disable tracking on your message.
    • Google Analytics:
      • If you have Google Analytics enabled, you can add Google Analytics or your own custom tracking.
      • If you don't, you have the option to link your Google Analytics profile or set up your custom tracking tags to your domain.
    • Attachment Tracking
      • You can track your email attachments by clicking the Enable track link clicks checkbox.
      • When Enable track link clicks is on, the attachment appears on the footer. When it is off, it appears as a normal attachment in the email.
  • Footer: Edit the components that will be added to your footer.
  • Approval & Reports:
    • Get Approval: Should you require someone else to approve your message before you send it, check this box.
    • Send Reports: Sends a report of the message after it has been sent. You can set the number of days before the report is sent back to you.
  • Scheduling: Schedule message sending date and recurrence.
  • Intervals: 
    • Stagger type > Stagger: If you're sending to a large list, you can set the system to pause after sending a specific number of emails (e.g. after every 1000 emails).
    • Stagger type > Rate Limit: You will have to re-start the sending process manually after each pause if you choose this option. You can also set it to send batches of emails at specific intervals (e.g. 1000 emails every hour).
  • Social Posting: You can use these settings to choose which social media accounts linked to your profile your email will post to, when you click send.


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