The Coder

The email Coder allows experienced designers to edit their email's template using HTML or CSS instead of the WYSIWYG editor. Once you've selected your template and entered the email properties, you'll see the Coder interface.

The coder consists of a plain-text editor, a library of standard code which you can add to the email's code, and three preview panels. The preview panels are as follows:

  • Split: Display a split screen of the code and a preview of the template.
  • Design: Preview the message template. You cannot edit from the template.
  • Code: The default editing panel with the full HTML code.

You can select the style of the text editor from the drop-down list.

Add Attachment

You can add two types of attachments:

  • Regular attachment: Browse your computer to attach a single file to your message.
  • Dynamic attachment: Send different attachments to your contact list in one email.
Read our Dynamic Attachments post for more information. 


Insert personalisation tags into your email template. Place your cursor in the correct place in the code and click Personalisation to add your tags.


Click Image to insert the image code into your email template. The full < img src > tag, with the URL of the image will be placed into the code.


To add a code snippet to the email, such as a formatting instruction, make sure your cursor is in the right place in the code and click Snippet. Select from the list of codes available.

Click Next when you've finished composing your message.

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