Import From URL

If you have a Content Management System (CMS), such as Joomla or WordPress, or you send recurring communications like a daily newsletter, the Import from URL feature allows you to generate your newsletters automatically by fetching the online content and sending it without having to re-create the content.

Click Email > Create Email, and then click Import from URL.

Once you have entered your email's properties in Step 1, you will be taken straight to the Import from URL screen.


Follow these steps to import your newsletter from a URL:

  1. Paste the full URL into the URL field.
  2. Choose whether you want to import the URL Now or At Send by selecting the correct option in the drop-down box.


Click Next to move on to the WYSIWIG screen where you can make any changes to the body of the email to make it more suitable for the inbox.

Set The Message Subject Automatically (External Editor)

You'll need to set the message properties when composing the message, you can do so in the header of your content before it’s published by your CMS.

  • Include special tags in the header of your newsletter, as shown in the image below, to pull through the message subject automatically.
  • Add the meta tag to your header to change the message subject to the subject line you’d like your subscribers to see when the mail arrives in their inbox.
Screenshot of correct header to set message subject

Screenshot of correct header to set message subject

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