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Message properties are the basic details that differentiate this email from all the others you will create. You will also tell Everlytic which sending email addresses to associate with this email.

SubjectThe subject line your subscribers will see when the mail arrives in their inbox.
Inbox Preview TextThis is a short summary of the email, which follows the subject line, when an email is viewed in the inbox. The average email client displays approximately 75 text characters.
DescriptionIf you want to add a description for your email, you can enter it here.
From NameThe company name that you'd like your subscribers to see when they receive your message in their inbox.
From EmailThis is what your subscribers will see as the 'From' email address in their inbox.

The email description is a useful tool which you shouldn't overlook in email composition. If you need to send two emails with the same subject line (for example, if you have separate lists for people living in two different cities, and  want to use the same subject line for emails sent to both lists), the description can help you differentiate between the emails in composition and reporting. Your contacts won't see the description you enter here.

The subject line is really important. Your contacts will often decide whether or not to open your email based solely on the subject line. For more on effective subject lines, see our Best Practices in Email Design guide.

By default, the 'Reply-to' email address is the same as the 'From' address. If you want to use a different address for contacts to reply to, check the box below 'From email' and enter the required reply address in the field provided.


Personalising emails is a great way to connect better with your customers. With Everlytic, you can add personalisation to the subject line of your emails. Click Personalisation and select the personalised field you want to include in your subject line.



Emoji are small digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion. You can add them to the subject line during message composition. Most email clients support emoji, however, you should still cater for email clients that don't support them. Internet Explorer doesn't support emoji in email subject lines. Use a subject line that will still make sense without the emoji.

Standard Campaign

You can also add your message to a standard campaign by checking the "Send this message as part of a campaign" checkbox. There is no way to add the message to a campaign past this stage.

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