Filters allow you to create segments in your lists so that you can send targeted communications. You can use filters to send birthday messages or interest-specific product catalogs. In this article we will cover creating a filter, and applying it to a list to send an email.

Creating a Filter

To set up an email filter, click Contact Admin > Filters, then click Create Filter. Enter the name for your filter, and a description if you need one.


You can create filters based on the following criteria:

  • Basic Contact Fields
  • Additional Contact Fields
  • Custom Fields
  • Contact Activity
  • List Properties
  • Geolocation


Basic/Additional Contact Fields

Check the checkbox next to the property you want to filter your contacts by. There are options next to the property which allow you to refine your filter.

For example, if I want to create a filter to send a special offer for teddy bears on Valentines day, I would choose the Gender field (under Additional Contact Fields > Additional Properties) and set it to male, and refine that by setting the Age field (under Additional Contact Fields > Date Properties) to 'between' 20 and 30. Now, my email would go to young men who might buy teddy bears for their girlfriends on Valentines Day.

Custom Fields

You can set a filter based on an existing custom field. This includes multi-value custom fields, where more than one selection can be used in the filter.

Contact Activity

You can create email filters based on contact activity. Click the General Activity tab, then check the checkbox next to the activity you want to filter on, and enter the specific details you want to filter by.

For example, you can create a filter for contacts who have not opened an email from you in the past 14 days. Check Message Activity, then choose 'has not' from the dropdown bar and enter 14 days in the last two fields.

You can also select more than one message to filter contacts. Click the Contact checkbox, select the message activity, then click the text box to open the modal.

The modal displays all messages in the system for both email and SMS. You can filter by specific lists, message type, or messages sent or failed. A total count for each selected messages appears in the Add Selected Messages button.

List Properties

You can create a filter to send emails to contacts in one or more specific lists. You can also set the list filter to send to all your contacts who are not in a specific list (or group of lists).


Use this to create a filter based on a contact's last tracked location. You can filter by country or city.

Testing Your Filter

Once you have created your filter, click the Test button to test your filter. Testing will not apply your filter to any lists, it will check what the results would be if the filter were applied to that list.


Check the checkbox next to a list, and then click the buttons to test the filter against either email or SMS contacts in that list.

Once your filter is returning the correct results, click Save.

Using a Filter

You can apply filters to lists during message composition.

On the list options step, check the checkbox next to the list you want to send the message to, then click Segment. Choose the filter you want to apply from the dropdown.

If you haven't created your filters yet, you can create a new filter by clicking Create New and following the steps. You can only create property and date-related filters in this way. Other types of filters must be set up before you start creating your message.

For specific instructions on how to send a birthday message using filters, read our Birthday Message FAQ.
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