Subscription Forms


The easiest way to grow your lists is to have a subscription form on your website or at the point of sale, which invites visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

Create Subscription Form

To get started creating your subscription form, click Contact Admin > Subscription forms, this will take you to the subscription forms listing. In the top right corner of the page is the row of action buttons, click New.


Form Properties

Form properties are the basic details that differentiate this form from all the others you will create.

  • Form Name: A unique name for the form. This will not be used in the final subscription form.
  • Form Description: Your own description for the form. Invisible to users.
  • Form Type: Define what type of form the subscription will be.

Build Subscription Form

In this step, you can choose the fields and how to customise your form. Enter the name of your subscription form in the heading text box.


You can drag-and-drop fields from the  list on the left into the form itself. Each option on the dropdown list offers new fields. You can also drag the fields around on the form to change their order. The dropdown list gives the following options:

  • Basic Fields: The main fields used in creating a form.
  • Personal Information: These fields provide options for specific personal information about a subscriber.
  • Contact Information: These fields give options for a subscriber's contact information.
  • Company Information: These fields have options for a subscriber's company information
  • Custom Fields: All your created custom fields are listed here.
Make your subscription form as short as possible. Every field decreases conversions. Start with the crucial data, and build your subscriber's profiles with tracking, surveys, and other questions later.


You can change the colour and label positions of your form in this tab.

Label Position: Change the location of all labels top either top, left, or bottom.

Colours: To change the colour of each element on your form, click the colour bar and select a new colour from the picker.

You can see what your form will look like once it's published by clicking Preview.

Keep your form design light and natural, and don't be nervous about experimenting with different designs to try and increase subscription rates.

Multi-Value Custom Field

Select Fields > Custom Fields to add a multi-value custom field into your subscription form.

You can learn more about multi-value custom fields in subscription forms in our How to: Custom Fields guide.

Select List

Select the lists you want this subscription form to apply to. When a new contact subscribes using this form, they will be added to the list/lists you choose now.

Once you've chosen the list you want your new subscription form to link to, you have the following options:

Form Settings - Subscribe


Set up the options visible on the form:

  • Double Opt-in: Sends an email to confirm the subscription
  • Security: Activates the CAPTCHA security option.
  • Lists: Show the lists the form is linked to.
  • Branding: Show the ‘Powered by’ branding.



Form Submission and Double Opt-in redirects: Select were you would like to redirect contacts when they submit a form or when confirming a subscription.

  • Default Message: Sends the default message from the system.
  • Custom URL: Enter your own URL to redirect contacts to.
  • Custom Message: Write a custom message for your contacts.
  • Landing Page: Redirect your contacts to a published landing page.


Enter an email address to receive notifications when a form is submitted.

Form Settings - Unsubscribe


Set up the options visible on the form:

  • Security: Activates the CAPTCHA security option.
  • Lists: Show the lists the form is linked to.
  • Branding: Show the ‘Powered by’ branding.


This page gives you a summary of the subscription form details.

When you are done, click Publish to save your new form. In the success page, you can copy the text provided, and paste it into your website. This will work in HTML, iFrame, Javascript, and hosted sites.



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