Contact Reports


Contact reports give you statistics for contact activity, and messages sent to that contact.

Contact activity is interpreted as the number of reads, clicks, bounces, complaints, and forwards performed on a message by a contact. Detailed reporting is useful for viewing which messages have been sent to a contact, and which were opened, clicked on and forwarded by the contact.

You can access contact reports in one of two ways from Contacts > Manage. Either check the contact checkbox and select Reports, or click the contact in the list and then click Reports in the Preview panel.

OverviewThis report gives a summary of your contacts interaction with your mailing lists. It shows their activity, properties and the lists they are subscribed to.
ActivityThis report goes into detail for the contact's specific activities on each email. It shows graphs of message activity, a table with all the emails sent to this contact, and a table showing which emails were clicked when.
MessagesThis report shows a table of all the messages that were sent to the contact, including the subject, message type, and the date and time it was sent.
BouncesThis report gives details for hard and soft bounces, if any, for this contact.
Screenshot of contact overview report

Screenshot of contact overview report

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