Bulk Update


The Bulk Update tool allows you to change details for many contacts at once. You can't update specific details, like email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Rather, it is used to update a more general property, like email status or a company's name. For example, if you need to update a group of email contacts statuses to Unsubscribed, you can do so using this tool.

To start a bulk update, click Contacts > Bulk Update, then choose between updating email or SMS contacts using the tabs on the input field.

Next, paste the email addresses (or mobile numbers) of the contacts you want to update into the input field. Make sure the addresses are separated with commas.

You can also update all the contacts on a list by selecting the list from the table below the input field.


You have two main options for bulk updating:

  1. Update Contacts
  2. Delete Contacts

You can't use bulk update to add new subscribers to a list, you can only update existing contacts.

While you can delete contacts, we strongly recommend against it. You might accidentally re-upload a deleted contact and start sending them email again. This opens you up to the possibility of spam complaints. Rather set a contact to unsubscribed.

You can choose to update any of the properties in the checklist. When you check the checkbox next to the property you want to update, further options will open next to it.

Screenshot of a selected property

Screenshot of a selected property

There are three kinds of property change that you can do with a bulk update:

  1. Set to: This option will replace whatever information is linked to the specified property.
  2. If null set to: If there is no data associated with this property, it will be updated with what you enter.
  3. Set to null: This will clear the data in the field.
Don't forget to click Update when you are finished.
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