Standard Campaign Reports

We have developed a set of reports specifically to help you understand how effective your standard campaigns are. To access these reports, go to the Standard Campaigns listing, click a campaign name in the listing on the left, then click Detailed Report in the preview panel on the right.

Standard campaigns are useful if you need to compare messages that aren't part of any other campaign (drip campaigns and A/B split tests, for example, have sophisticated reports specifically designed to help you understand the performance of those messages). You can use standard campaigns to compare messages sent on specific days (to see which achieve greater open rates).

The standard campaign report graph can show up to five emails at a time. There is, however, no limit on the number of messages you can have in a standard campaign.

Global Stats

The campaign global stats show basic statistics and a progress monitor for your campaign. It displays the overall report of your campaign as well as the Email Stats for the emails in your standard campaign, and Mobile Stats for mobile messages.



The first block displays the total number of recipients the message was sent to across every message, regardless of whether they were email, mobile, if they opened or not.


The second block is divided into Clicks and Reads. As per usual statistics, Clicks is the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email while Reads is the percentage of people who opened/read your campaign.


You can filter your Standard Campaign messages by sent and unsent messages.

Message Timeline

Every single message you have sent in the campaign is displayed in the Message Timeline. It is divided into sections:

  • Date: The date the message was sent.
  • Number: The order each message was sent.
  • Thumbnail: A thumbnail of the message sent.
  • Message: The subject line of the sent message.
  • Recipients: The number of recipients each message was sent to.
  • Clicks: The percentage of clicks the message received.
  • Reads: The number of time opens/reads the message received.
  • Detailed Reports: Click on the graph icon for a detailed report of the individual message.

Email Stats

Like the Global Stats, the first two blocks displays the total number of email recipients and their interaction in the form of clicks and reads. Below that displays what platform the emails were opened, between Desktop, Web, Mobile, and Unknown. Next to that is a map of where in the world the email was opened from.

Mobile Stats

A similar layout for recipients and interactions. The lower half displays the number of delivered, bounced and unkonwn SMSes. The second set of statistics display the number of replies and unsubscribes the SMS received.

You can read more about the basic stats on our Email Overview Report and SMS Report pages.

Share Report

On the far right of the screen is the Share Report button. You can share this report via email or as a link. The recipient receives the same report, as a public link offering both the overview and message reports.

Campaign - Share

You can click the graph icon under 'Reports' to view detailed reports for each email.
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