Create Standard Campaign

To get started, click Campaigns > Create Campaign and then click Select on the Standard Campaign circle.

Campaign Properties

Enter the basic properties of your campaign in the form. Once you have entered these details, click Create Campaign. This will take you to a screen where you can choose to create emails or SMSes to add to the campaign.

If you prefer to add existing messages to this campaign, click Manage Campaign.

Campaign NameThe name of the campaign you are creating. This will be used to identify the campaign in the campaign reports. *Required
From NameThe name that you'd like your subscribers to see when they receive your message in their inbox.
From EmailThis is what your subscribers will see as the 'From' email address in their inbox.

For instructions on how to create an email, see our Email tutorials.

Manage the Campaign

Select existing messages, either email or SMS, to add to your standard campaign. You can select more than one message. Use the filter options to search for a message by list, message type, and message status. Once you have selected your messages, click Save Changes. The number on the button shows how many messages you are adding to your campaign.

Final Step

You can now add another SMS or Email message to the campaign, or creat a new campaign.


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