Drip Campaign Reports

You can access detailed reports for your drip campaign by clicking a campaign's name in the table on the left, and then clicking Detailed Report.


Overview Report

The campaign overview report shows basic statistics and a progress monitor for your campaign. The progress graph shows a bar for each email in the campaign which represents the percentage of contacts on the campaign list who have received the email.

Screenshot of drip campaign overview report

You can read more about the basic stats on our Email Overview Report page.

Messages Report

The Messages report gives you detailed statistics for each message in your campaign. The following metrics are available, as percentages, both in the graph and in the table below the graph:

DeliveredSubscribers who received the email.
OpensSubscribers who opened the email.
ClicksSubscribers who clicked the email.
Click-to-OpenSubscribers who opened each email, and also clicked a link within that email.
BouncesSubscribers whose emails returned bounces.
UnsubscribesSubscribers who clicked the unsubscribe link in the email.
ForwardsSubscribers who used the forward link in the email.
SocialSubscribers who used the social sharing links in the email.
ComplaintsSubscribers who complained about the email.
UpdatesSubscribers who updated their details by clicking the update link in the email.

Share Report

You can share this report via email or as a link. The recipient receives the same report as a public link offering both the overview and message reports.

Campaign - Share

You can click the graph icon under 'Reports' to view detailed reports for each email.
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