Create Drip Campaign

CreateDrip Campaign

To get started creating your drip campaign, click Campaigns > Create Campaign and then click the image for Drip Campaigns.

Step 1: Drip Campaign Properties

Enter the basic properties of your drip campaign in the form.

Campaign NameThe name of the campaign you are creating. This will be used to identify the campaign in the campaign reports. *Required
From NameThe name that you'd like your subscribers to see when they receive your message in their inbox.
From EmailThis is what your subscribers will see as the 'From' email address in their inbox.

By default, the 'Reply-to' email address is the same as the 'From' address. If you want to use a different address for contacts to reply to, check the box below 'From email' and enter the required reply address in the field provided. Once you have entered these details, click Continue.

Step 2: Sending Options

All drip campaigns are dependent on a specific subscriber action. These actions are called 'triggers'. Select the trigger you want to start this campaign from the following three options:

Subscription Event:

Trigger your messages when a contact is added to your list.


Basic Options: You can choose to send this campaign to all existing contacts and any new subscribers, or only to new subscribers. Select the relevant radio button for the option you prefer.

Restricted Sending Times: These settings allow you to limit the days and times that emails in your campaign will be sent to subscribers. If a contact subscribes to your drip campaign at 1 am on a Sunday morning, you don't want them to receive all the emails in the campaign at the same time. You can use this option to restrict the campaign so that messages are only sent on specific days, between specific times.

Anniversary or Birthday:

Automate your message to send annually on a specific birthday or event.


Contact date field:

Select which date the contacts your lists will receive this message.

  • Contact birth date: If you have this information about your contacts, they will receive a message on their birthday.
  • Contact create date: Your contacts will receive a message on the day they were added/subscribed to the list.
  • Date of your arrival (Custom Field): A date custom field can be used to set your Anniversary campaign date.
  • Restricted Sending Times: Works the same way as the Subscription Event sending times.

Once-off Start Date:

Choose a specific date to trigger your messages. Messages will be sent to all contacts on your list from the selected date. Any new contacts added once the campaign is running will not receive these messages.


Step 3: Manage Drip Campaign

On the management screen, you can add messages to your campaign and set the time period between messages. The system will send each message at the specific time after the previous message.


Adding Messages

To add a message to your drip campaign, click Add Node, and then click Compose. Composing the message works the same as our standard message composition.

Manage Drip Campaign


SMS Drip Campaigns

You can add SMSes to your drip campaign by clicking the toggle between Email and SMS on the node card. If you have mobile numbers for your contacts, they will receive the SMSes. Contacts with no mobile number will only receive the emails in the campaign.

Please read our articles on creating an email if you need help composing a message.

Campaign Timeline

The campaign timeline shows you each of the messages in your campaign, as well as the intervals between the messages. To change the interval, click the pen icon next to the clock which is visible above the email thumbnails.

Step 4: Choose List

Choose the list/s you want to link your drip-campaign to. Check the checkbox next to the name of the list you want to link. You can link the campaign to more than one list.

You can't apply filters to lists used for campaigns.


Step 5: Confirmation

Use the confirmation page to double-check the settings for your drip campaign. When you are satisfied that everything is right, click Send. You can edit your campaign again from the Campaign listing screen.

Screenshot of drip campaign confirmation screen

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