Create Autoresponder

To get started creating your autoresponder, click Campaigns > Autoresponders.


Step 1: Composition

The first three steps are the same as creating a normal email message. The process for an autoresponder is different in step four of message composition. First, choose the email composition method you prefer to use:

  • Builder: Use our drag-and-drop template builder for easy customization.
  • Classic: Use our classic WYSIWYG builder and pre-designed templates.
  • Coder: Use our code editor with integrated code snippets, code folding, and hinting.
  • Import from URL: Import a design directly from a URL.
  • Upload ZIP file: Upload a ZIP file straight from your computer.


Standard Campaign - Email Builder

Step 2: Template Selection

Select the template for your Autoresponder

Step 3: Message Properties

Enter the message properties in the form.

SubjectThe email subject line.
DescriptionA description to identify the email. This won't be seen by recipients
From NameThe name that will appear as whom the message is from.
From EmailThe email address the recipient will receive the email from.

Step 4: Compose Autoresponder

Compose the contents of your autoresponder.



Step 5: Preparation Screen

Once you've reached this step, click Confirm instead of Send. Your message will be saved and you'll be directed to a preparation screen.

Autoresponders - Confirm

On this screen you can choose to go to the autoresponders listing page, or to set up a trigger for the autoresponder you've created.

Autoresponders - Preparation

Triggers and autoresponders go hand-in-hand, so once you've confirmed the setup of your autoresponder, you must set up a trigger. You can learn more about triggers in our Triggers tutorial.
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