Autoresponder Report

Autoresponder Listing

To view existing autoresponders, click Campaigns > Autoresponders.


In the Autoresponders listing, existing autoresponders are shown on the left. When you click the autoresponder subject, a preview of the message will display on the right. The preview displays the message body and properties.

Autoresponders - Existing

Report Options

PreviewOpens a new preview window of the autoresponse message.
Re-createTakes you through the steps to composes the same autoresponder.
Create TemplateCreate's a custom template from the message.
ShareAllows sharing of the report through email or link.
PrintPrints the report.

Overview Report

The overview report shows basic statistics and a progress monitor for your campaign. The progress graph shows a bar for each email in the campaign which represents the percentage of contacts on the campaign list who have received the email.

OpenedSubscribers who opened the message.
ClickedSubscribers who clicked on the message.
SocialSubscribers who used the social media links in the message.
UnsubscribedSubscribers who unsubscribed on the message.
Click-to-openSubscribers who opened the email, and also clicked a link within that email.
List InteractionSubscribers in selected list who open, share and reply to messages.
Best TimeThe best time for a response
SMS on BounceSubscribers whose emails bounced. An SMS is sent to request the correct email address. This feature must be unabled in the Settings Dashboard.
SentThe number of messages sent.
BouncedThe number of messages that bounced.
DeliveredThe number of emails that were delivered.
Social MediaThe number of shares across each of the social media links in the message.
PlatformThe number of opens across the platforms. Mainly, Desktop, Web, Mobile and Unknown.
Top CityA map of where the most emails where opened.


The recipients report lists all the recipients who have opened the message. It lists their name, email address, what actions they took, the first open date and the last open date.

There are also the following details:

OpensSubscribers who have opened the message.
ClicksSubscribers who have clicked on the message.
SocialSubscribers who have shared the message.
UnsubscribesSubscribers who have unsubscribed.
ComplaintsSubscribers who reported/complained about the message.
BouncesThe number of messages that have bounced.
ForwardsThe number of times the message as been forwarded.
UpdatesSubscribers who have updated their profile from the update link.
Send LogSends a log of the message details.


The content report lists all the links that received the most interaction.

Links: Displays the the best performing link in your email as a graph.


The platforms report shows which email clients your contacts use to view your email. You can use this to optimise your messages for the most popular platforms.

Industry Average: Depending on the industry you selected, the average opens of the industry are displayed as a percentage.

Unique Opens: Number of unique opens your autoresponder received.

Total Opens: The total number of opens.

Best Time: The time when your contacts are most likely to open your message

Best Day: The day when your contacts open messages the most.


The geo report shows where your contacts are accessing your email globally. It is broken down into Opens and Clicks for an in-depth report.


The properties report displays the properties of the message.

Autoresponders - Properties

Bounce SMS

This feature helps keep your recipient's email addresses up to date. When an email bounces due to an invalid address, we'll automatically send that recipient an SMS asking them to reply with the correct email address. If the recipient replies with a valid address, the system will update their profile automatically.

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