Managing Contacts


Contacts are the backbone of any digital communication campaign. The system offers many powerful tools to help you easily and quickly manage your contacts. Before we get started, let's have a look at the contact management screen and get familiar with some terminology

Managing Contacts

Click Contacts > Contacts to navigate to the contact management screen.


This screen comprises three important areas:

  1. The Action Bar.
  2. The Preview panel
  3. The Contacts summary.

In this area, you can see:

  • Which lists a contact is subscribed to.
  • The number of messages sent to a contact.
  • A contact's read and click activity.
Screenshot of contacts management screen.

Screenshot of contacts management screen.

Contact Rating and Scoring

Contact rating identifies your best performing contacts, ranking them according to how actively engaged they are. The more a contact engages positively with your emails, the higher their rating. Knowing who the most interactive, interested contacts are lets you create competitions, loyalty and incentive campaigns for them.

For a detailed look at how we calculate contact scores and ratings, including examples, please read our Contact Scores in Depth article.

Create a Contact

You can't send email and SMS campaigns if you don't have anybody to send them to. You need contacts to read and share your content.

If you want to create more than one contact at a time, read our article on importing contacts.

Click Contacts > Contacts > New to start creating your contacts.

There are three tabs for you to enter your contact's details:

  • Properties: These properties define your contact's subscription parameters.
  • More: You can add your new contact's personal details in this tab.
  • Custom Fields: Enter details for any custom fields that you may have set up for your contacts. You must make custom fields before importing contacts or they will not be available in this tab.

Fill in as many of the details as you want to, but bear in mind that you must have either an email address or a cell phone number for each contact.

Properties Tab

Fill in the following contact details in the Properties tab:

EmailCompulsory field (if your contact doesn't have a mobile number).
MobileCompulsory field (if your contact doesn't have an email address).
First NameOnly necessary if you're going to personalise emails/SMSes.
Last NameOnly necessary if you're going to personalise emails/SMSes.
StatusUse the drop-down menu to set the contact to 'On' (receives mails) or 'Off' (doesn't receive mails).
Email FormatYou can send emails in either HTML or plain text. Some email servers block HTML emails, so plain text ones will be more likely to reach the inbox in these instances.
Custom Contact IDIf you use custom information, such as an account or membership number, enter it into this field.
Opt-In PermissionCheck this box if the contact has given you permission to add them to your list.
List SubscriptionsCheck the checkbox next to the list name to subscribe or unsubscribe a contact to a list. The checkbox turns green when the contact is subscribed to that list and orange when they're unsubscribed.

Contact Status

Every contact in your database is assigned a status depending on whether or not they want to receive emails/SMSes, or if emails sent to them are bounced by their mail server. The checkbox next to each contact's email address has a coloured border that indicates their status.

Screenshot of contact status legend

Screenshot of contact status legend

The following definitions apply to the contact status legend:

OnContact is set to receive mail sent to all lists they're subscribed to.
Off/SuppressedContact has complained and will not receive mail sent to any lists they belong to.
Awaiting confirmationThe contact has been sent a confirmation mail but has not clicked the confirmation link.
SubscribedThe contact is subscribed and will receive mails sent to that list.
UnsubscribedThe contact has unsubscribed from that list and will not receive emails sent to that list.
BouncedMails sent to this contact have exceeded the bounce limit. Contacts that are bounced won't be sent any mails on that list.

Unconfirmed Contacts

An unconfirmed contact is someone whose details are in your list, but they haven't confirmed that they want to receive communications from you. It's bad practice to send emails to contacts that haven't opted-in to your list, and you risk having your emails marked as spam. Follow these steps to send a confirmation email to an unconfirmed contact:

  1. Go to Contacts > Contacts.
  2. Click Search in the Action Bar.
  3. Enter the contact's email address or mobile number in the search field provided
  4. Click Search.
  5. Select the contact from the results that displays on the left-hand side of the screen.
  6. Click Advanced > Request confirmation.

A confirmation email, containing a verification link, will be sent to the contact. To verify their subscription, the contact must click the link. Their status will automatically be updated once they've done that.

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