Code Samples


All the API code samples provided in our API documents. You can copy the code sample directly from the block by clicking Copy in the top right of the relevant code block.


Create a New Contact

Create Contacts in Bulk

Contacts Import

Get a List of Contacts

Get the Specified Contact

Import Progress

Import Results

List the Lists a Contact Is Subscribed To

Update the Specified Contact

Import Contacts via FTP


Create Customer

Get the Specified Customer

Update the Specified Customer

Change Email Package

Top-up Customer Email Quota

Suspend a Customer

Unsuspend a Customer


Create User

Send Welcome Email


Get The Field Definition For The Specified Object

Get the List of Available Field Definitions

Email Reports

Fetch Reports on the Specified Email


Create a New Email Campaign

Delete the Specified Email

Email Action Call - Send

Email Action Call - Resume

Email Action Call - Pause

Email Action Call - Cancel

Get a List of Emails

Get a List of Emails Sent to a List

Get the Specified Email

Send Email Preview

Update the Specified Email


Create a New SMS Message

Get a List of SMSes

Get the Specified SMS

SMS Action Call - Send

Get a List of Replies to an SMS


Create a New Subscription List

Delete a List

Empty a List

Get a List

Get a List of Subscription Lists

Merge Two Lists

Update a List

List Subscriptions

Bulk Subscribe and Unsubscribe

Get Subscription Status for a Contact

List the Contacts in a List

Subscribe and Unsubscribe Contacts

Transactional Group

Share Transactional Reports

Transactional Mail

Send a Transactional Email

Personalising Transactional Email Templates



Transactional SMS

Send Transactional SMS




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