Callbacks (Transactional Only)


Callbacks are a feature that allows our system to automatically notify your server whenever certain events happen. When a callback is invoked, it sends a message containing information about the event in question to a specified URL.

Follow these steps to enable callbacks for sending transactional emails in Everlytic:

  1. Log into your transactional dashboard.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Check the checkbox for Sending callbacks. The properties window will open on the right.
  4. Check the checkbox to Enable Callbacks.
  5. Enter the URL you want the callbacks posted to in the ‘Post to URL’ field.

Check the checkboxes for the types of callbacks you want to receive (e.g. sent, delivered, failed etc.).



The callback will be triggered depending on the events you selected in step six above. So, if you selected all of them, you’ll receive callbacks for all those events. But, if you only select sent, delivered, and failed, you’ll only receive callbacks when messages are sent, delivered, or failed.

When you want to check the callbacks, you can log into the URL they are being posted to.

The callback itself is a JSON string formatted as follows:

Alternatively, you can use our API to check the callbacks. The Everlytic API has two callback requests available:

  1. Get a list of callback events.
  2. Get the specified callback event.


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